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Look, you don’t think I enjoy this, do you? The constant grind of shuffling from airport to airport, renting cars and climbing on shuttle buses, desperately drinking coffee to wake up before dragging myself out to yet another ski slope.

But when the economy is dragging, I consider it my civic duty to step up and provide whatever stimulus I can to local economies. […] continued

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Information Literacy

information literacy

Technology has left everyone feeling a bit adrift. Everyone fears that they don’t have basic skills that other people seem to have mastered – whether it’s finding files on a computer or locating information online, running programs or using handheld devices. Some people are ahead of the curve, some are behind, but almost no one feels confident. […] continued

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When you tell me about certain kinds of computer problems, I sometimes begin weeping uncontrollably, or excuse myself from the room for a few minutes while I gobble down powerful antidepressants. Let me give you another example to show you why.

A law firm wrestled with a new Dell Optiplex 760 for months, starting almost immediately after it was purchased – erratic lockups with no obvious cause and no pattern. […] continued

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