When I moved the bruceb news page to WordPress and opened it up to comments, there was an unexpected side effect: blog spam.

There’s a space at the bottom of each post for comments. I don’t have a big audience and there are few comments from real people. You, my family and dear friends and clients and any of the rest of my fourteen readers, you are always welcome to add a comment. […] continued

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[Thursday January 28, 2010 – sent to MOS subscribers at 9:07pm]

Dear Customer:

Microsoft Online Services strives to provide exceptional service for all of our customers. On January 28, customers served from a North America data center may have experienced intermittent access to services included in the Business Productivity Online Suite.

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Wobbles With Microsoft Online Services


Some problems today with Microsoft Online Services, which leaves me feeling unsettled about it.

Microsoft has made a serious commitment to moving Exchange customers to hosted services. There are some real advantages for small businesses if someone else takes responsibility for the mail system – Exchange is a big, complex piece of work that needs regular attention and updates, and requires a high degree of expertise if something goes wrong. […] continued

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There’s finally a solution to a bug that Adobe has allowed to stand unpatched for far too long. This only applies to a few of you but you’ll be glad to see it if you’ve been one of the victims.

Background: if you use Outlook 2007 to open an e-mail message with a PDF attachment, you should be able to preview the attachment directly in the Reading pane. […] continued

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Here’s a weird bug in Windows 7. I haven’t run into it myself but I love oddball glitches like this. (My favorite continues to be the discovery that Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony could cause the installation of Windows XP Service Pack 3 to fail.)

The glitch: If you set a solid-color desktop on your new Windows 7 computer instead of a custom wallpaper, you may experience a thirty-second delay before the desktop appears. […] continued

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Windows Snap is one of the best new features in Windows 7. Here’s my original post describing how it works.

On a single monitor, you can display two windows side by side with a couple of mouse movements, as shown in the picture above:

If you drag a window until the mouse cursor touches the left side of the screen, the program expands to fill exactly half the screen.

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Firefox 3.6

firefoxMozilla has released Firefox version 3.6, with increased security, faster display of web pages and Javascript, and some new features for add-ins and themes. Here’s a description of the new release and a video demonstrating some of the new features.

If you are running Firefox, you can get the new version by clicking on Help / Check for updates. […] continued

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godmode2 There have been countless blog posts about the GodMode Windows 7 trick. If you create a new folder – on your desktop, say – named GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, you will get access to a hidden list of hundreds of Windows settings, many of which are not listed in Control Panel. Whoa Nellie! […] continued

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update I’ve prepared a list of computer safety tips for years. Over time, the advice to keep critical programs up to date has moved to the top spot on the list. You don’t have to spend all your time reading technology news but you do have to be able to identify which reminders are legitimate when they pop up from the system tray. […] continued

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Computer Safety 2010

Here’s an updated list of ways to be safe and secure with your computer.

Vista update icon Install updates from Microsoft promptly. Look in the lower right corner for the gold shield (WinXP) or update icon (Win7/Vista).

Install updates to Acrobat, Flash, Java, and Quicktime promptly. Each will alert you from the lower right corner.

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grooveshark Grooveshark is an online site for streaming music – a free service for finding artists and albums and listening to them on your computer. The albums have been uploaded by regular folks and by this time the library available for streaming is remarkably large, including big hits and obscure rarities, official releases and unauthorized concert recordings. […] continued

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googlechina The technical side of Google’s blowup in China is shaping up as an explosive story about technology and hacking. Keep an eye on this one!

On Tuesday Google announced that it would no longer comply with Chinese censorship demands and might cease operating in China altogether. As I understand it, Google has set up a separate search page that operates within China and censors some search results as requested by the Chinese government. […] continued

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exchangedefenderlogo2Exchange Defender has a new tool for previewing quarantined messages.

Exchange Defender is the service used by many businesses to quarantine spam and scan incoming and outgoing mail for viruses before delivering mail to the company server. Exchange Defender sends a daily report listing all quarantined spam, as well as providing add-in software for Outlook and an online control panel for reviewing quarantined messages. […] continued

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Access Online Files With Google Docs

googledocs2 Google announced today that you will soon be able to store any kind of file online in Google Docs, which until now has been basically limited to text and spreadsheets. Anyone with a Google Account will be able to store 1Gb of files online and access them from any computer. […] continued

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Online Passwords And LastPass

Passwords: computer login
Passwords: e-mail
Passwords: Google Accounts & Windows Live ID
Password: password managers

lastpasslogoLastPass will help you manage all of your online passwords. You should learn about it, install it, and use it every day. This is seriously good stuff.

LastPass is a free program that memorizes each password typed into a web site and automatically fills it in when you return to the same site. […] continued

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