upsidedown My favorite support call this month came from a client reporting that everything onscreen had turned upside down. The little monitor controls that come up when you fiddle with the buttons on the monitor were right side up but everything else was upside down. He had literally been forced to turn the monitor upside down to be able to work. […] continued

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outlookcalendarshareHere’s an Outlook feature that was new to me – there’s a way to overlay two Outlook calendars.

It’s becoming common for people in small businesses to share Outlook calendars. It’s easy if you have an Exchange mailbox in a business with Small Business Server or a mail system run by Microsoft Online Services. […] continued

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Windows 95 introduced the Start menu.

Windows 7 represents a big step away from it.

Probably the most noticeable change in Windows 7 will be in front of you all the time, down at the bottom of the screen. The reworked taskbar is an ambitious rethinking of the whole concept of launching and running programs. […] continued

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More About Windows 7 Computer Shopping

There are an overwhelming number of new computers on the market! It will be impossible to stay up to date on the brands and models – and almost impossible to get hands-on experience with more than a small fraction of what’s out there.

Click through to this article and take a look at some (but not all) of the new computers introduced by manufacturers on the day that Windows 7 was launched. […] continued

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Windows 7 Computer Shopping

computer_shopping There’s good news about shopping for a new desktop or notebook computer running Windows 7: they’re all good enough.

It’s such a relief! One of the important reasons that Vista got a bad reputation was its poor performance on underpowered systems. Consumers demanded cheap computers and manufacturers pushed out too many computers that could not run Vista well. […] continued

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windows7logoRun Microsoft’s Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor before making any decisions about upgrading your computer!

 Here’s a good summary from ZDNET writer Ed Bott:

Who should upgrade? And who shouldn’t? As always, I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all recommendations. But for a few categories, the choice is simple:

  • If you’re running Windows Vista and gritting your teeth over it, you should upgrade as soon as possible.
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windows7logo Windows 7 is available today in the stores and on new computers.

It is faster than Vista and does not rely as heavily on state of the art video cards. It benefits from three years of ironing out compatibility problems that marred Vista’s introduction. Windows XP users will discover a wealth of new features – Microsoft has been working hard in the nine years since Windows XP was introduced. […] continued

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Windows 7 brings two subtle improvements to searches.

As always, search results in Windows Explorer can be displayed as thumbnail images (useful for photos), as a list with or without file details, or as icons.


The new part is the default presentation of search results in a new view called “Content” – panes that are rich with detail, including a preview of a few lines from each document, with search terms highlighted. […] continued

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windows7searchMany of you will buy Windows 7 computers to replace aging Windows XP systems. There will be many things to get used to, big and small, but the best change is easy to miss – Windows Search can be used everywhere to speed through almost everything you do on the computer. […] continued

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It’s Windows 7 week! Engadget and Gizmodo are working overtime to keep up with new product announcements, advertisements are starting to appear, bloggers and pundits are weighing in, all leading up to the official Windows 7 launch date on Thursday October 22. I’ve been using Windows 7 on my computers for several months; in the next few days, I’ll point out a couple of the new features that have proven to be surprisingly useful. […] continued

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googlebooksearch The Google Book initiative is a huge undertaking. Google is digitizing tens of millions of books and promising to make them available to the world forever. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, wrote an impassioned editorial for the New York Times a few days ago, citing the destruction of the library at Alexandria as evidence of how important it is to preserve books for the ages, which Google promises to do. […] continued

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Google has been introducing new features and services at a rapid pace for the last couple of months, presumably to stave off any defections to Microsoft’s search site Bing. There’s a new link in some Google search results that might save you some time!

If your search results include PDF files, look for a “Quick View” link that will open the PDF in a viewing pane, courtesy of Google Docs, with a full page view, thumbnails, and links for downloading and printing. […] continued

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mcafeedangeroussearchterms McAfee released a study a few months ago that illustrates the importance of being careful online.

Most malware is installed now when you visit a rigged web site that takes advantage of a weakness in your system. Perhaps it is able to install a virus or root kit because your computer does not have the latest updates for Windows or Flash. […] continued

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Your computer should restart tonight after installing this month’s critical updates for Windows and Office. It’s a particularly large batch of updates and some of them are for the kind of vulnerabilities that the bad guys will quickly be attempting to exploit.

Adobe is following through on its plan to release quarterly updates on the same day as Microsoft’s monthly patches. […] continued

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I’m happy to announce a new service available to anyone looking for some help maintaining a Windows XP or Vista PC – office users, home users, my clients, your parents, anyone who could use a hand, anywhere.

My colleague Mike Cook of MC Solutions and I will tune up your PC for $125. […] continued

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