There’s no shortage of lists of Vista features but this is a particularly good one – with a minimum of fuss, the chart in the middle compares Windows Vista to Windows XP, feature by feature, to show what’s new, what’s improved, and what’s missing from Vista.

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Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 includes wonderful tools for remote access – Remote Web Workplace provides access to office desktop computers, and Outlook Web Access makes Outlook folders available anywhere.

After upgrading to Internet Explorer 7, SBS users are getting scary messages when they log in to those remote services. A screen exclaims that “there is a problem with this website’s security certificate” and advises in boldface type that “We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.” […] continued

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Windows Vista is here.

After using it for two months and studying hard, here are some of the conclusions I’ve reached.

  • Windows Vista is a wonderful operating system. There are genuine improvements in appearance and security; there are important new features for searching, for photos and media, and more; and it is sufficiently compatible with Windows XP that most things will work immediately and you’ll be able to start using it with confidence.
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Here’s the latest word from Intuit about running Quickbooks under Vista, and it’s not pretty.

Quickbooks 2007 will run correctly, or so they say.

There’s no chance of getting Quickbooks 2003 or earlier versions to run.

And Quickbooks 2004, 2005, and 2006 – the versions most of you are running – can be made to run but with so many compromises and problems that it’s probably not worth trying. […] continued

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Version 1.5 of Windows Live OneCare began to be rolled out a couple of days ago. If you are currently using OneCare, you will be updated automatically. When the process goes smoothly, it is completely silent – you will have no idea it happened. (If you open OneCare, the graphics on the new version are slightly different and it will have version 1.5 under Help / About Windows Live OneCare.) […] continued

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Windows Vista will present a learning curve and some frustration when it begins shipping next week, but I’m wondering whether the new version of Microsoft Office might take even more heat than Vista from confused users.

Many things are changed about Vista but it’s visually appealing and a surprising number of things can be done exactly the same way as in Windows XP. […] continued

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The first thing I do with any new computer is uninstall most of the applications bundled by the computer manufacturer. Microsoft reps at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show said that PC makers are undermining the quality and reputation of Windows by including so many horrible programs with new computers, to the point that it might sour consumers on Vista. […] continued

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It’s predictable that there would be a backlash after the rapturous reception of the iPhone in the first rush of media reports. Here’s an article that sums up the second thoughts running through the heads of many people.

The iPhone will have that undeniable Apple aura of coolness but it’s comparatively short on features:

“Unlike most smart phones, the iPhone doesn’t have voice dialing, voice memos, 3G Internet access, Word or Excel support, one-handed operation or video recording.

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The dates for Daylight Savings Time are changing this year, as required by a law passed in 2005. It turns out your computer doesn’t yet know about that and is fully prepared to muck up appointments in Outlook for the few weeks that are different in the spring and fall.

You don’t have to do anything – updates will automatically be installed in the next week or two on your desktop computers. […] continued

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Vista has many new features – so many that it will be difficult to decide which ones to call attention to. For home users and families, the built-in parental controls will be a key selling point. Here’s a good summary of those features – there’s easy to use tools to monitor Internet usage and handle web filtering, to control time spent on the computer, to limit games or applications, and more. […] continued

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Apparently Microsoft believed it wasn’t sufficiently confusing to offer four different versions of Windows Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate), with upgrade and non-upgrade prices for each, so now it has created an absolutely impenetrable labyrinth with a “special limited time offer.” There’s more information about it in the Vista team blog today. […] continued

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The upcoming update to Windows Live OneCare version 1.5 is going to have one unexpected wrinkle – the kind that makes people feel confused and overwhelmed.

It starts with a wonderful advance in OneCare. In the new version, OneCare completely integrates protection against viruses, adware and spyware, all covered by the same program, with a consistent presentation onscreen. […] continued

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Windows Live OneCare users will receive an automatic update to version 1.5 at the end of January. Most changes are modest, but there will be more options for backups – they’ll be able to be scheduled more often and sent to network drives in addition to external hard drives.

Many people overlooked a Windows Defender icon at the end of 2006 about an update, and began getting error messages in 2007. […] continued

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PDFs have become the common language for shared documents in most businesses and law offices, but the frequent upgrades to Acrobat have been uncompelling, with a confusing interface and puzzling features.

Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional is the upgrade we’ve been waiting for. Law offices should elevate it to the rank of a basic tool, as necessary and unavoidable as Word and Outlook. […] continued

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If you’re curious, Microsoft has created a web site that lets you test drive a credible imitation of Windows Vista Business Edition. Get a look at the visuals, poke at some of the features you’ve been reading about. Click here to get a preview of Windows Vista.

The Windows Vista web site has been updated also – sure, it’s mostly hype and buzz words but there’s also some useful information about new features. […] continued

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