Microsoft is finalizing Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express, a free product for searching files on network servers. It has the potential to fill a need for many small businesses, especially law firms drowning in documents.

Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express was released today in nearly final form, to be followed by the official release early next year. […] continued

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Vista Feature: Breadcrumbs

Let’s highlight a few Vista features that improve life in small but meaningful ways.

My personal favorite is a feature for moving through folders known as “breadcrumbs.” Almost immediately, it feels so natural that it’s hard to recall that it’s new.

You’re familiar with moving through your folders by clicking on folder names, then choosing a subfolder, then another. […] continued

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If you’re interested in technology, one of the first sites to check in the morning is TechMeme, a wildly popular service that checks thousands of blogs and news sites and presents a constantly updated overview of the day’s hot topics in an organized way. It’s all done with algorithms that decide what stories are related and how many sources are discussing the same topics, then arranges them on the TechMeme page in order of popularity. […] continued

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