Vista has built-in parental controls that do certain chores very well. Parents can filter web sites, monitor web surfing and other computer activity, and limit what programs and games can be run. Vista also makes it easy to limit a child’s use of the computer to certain times of the day; the computer will only allow the child to log in between noon and 8pm, say, and locks up for the night at the end of the assigned time. […] continued

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Windows Live Mail has been released in nearly final form for Windows XP and Vista. It’s an important step forward but only if you’re able to keep Microsoft’s e-mail programs straight.

These programs run on your computer:

  • Microsoft Outlook – full-featured mail/calendar/address book program sold as part of Microsoft Office
  • Outlook Express – streamlined mail program included with Windows XP
  • Windows Mail – updated version of Outlook Express included with Windows Vista
  • Windows Live Mail – the brand new mail software for Windows XP & Vista; when installed, it replaces Outlook Express and Windows Mail

These e-mail services run online in Internet Explorer:

  • Hotmail – Microsoft’s longtime free webmail client
  • Windows Live Hotmail – the new name for Hotmail, now with an optional new interface that closely resembles the various desktop programs

Windows Live Mail was released a few days ago. […] continued

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