If you have a Windows Mobile device (a Motorola Q or Treo 700W, for example), go to on the mobile web browser and install “Google Maps Mobile.” It’s a special version of Google Maps optimized for a mobile phone, including street maps and satellite images, driving directions, and real-time traffic reports for folks in big cities. […] continued

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In April, Google announced its $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick. It was treated as Big News and generated lots of press but I found it hard to understand what the deal meant to Google and its competitors. Clearly it meant a lot to Microsoft, which paid $6 billion in May to acquire Acquantive – another name unknown to consumers having something or other to do with online advertising. […] continued

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Here’s an interesting possibility – an unconfirmed report that the iPhone will be able to sync with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, using the same ActiveSync technology found in Windows Mobile-based phones. That would open a lot of doors for the iPhone in the business community. Watch for an official announcement before you go stand in line. […] continued

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The hype for the iPhone is building to a fever pitch, leading up to the release on June 29. There’s a twenty-minute guided tour at Apple’s iPhone web site with a lot of useful information about features and the iPhone’s look and feel.

I’m still skeptical about a number of things and the guided tour slides right by some possible shortcomings – and AT&T’s cell phone coverage is so poor in Sonoma County that I don’t expect to see it often up here anyway. […] continued

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Microsoft has a centralized billing system for many of its online services. If you’re using Windows Live OneCare, you can view the status of your subscription at Log in with your Windows Live ID – the e-mail address and password used to install OneCare.

If you click on OneCare (or other services listed), you’ll see the renewal date. […] continued

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Microsoft OneNote 2007 is the best program you’ve never heard of.

Let me give you a little history, then tell you about OneNote 2007.

Microsoft Outlook has a rudimentary “notes” feature for jotting little bits of information on scraps that visually resemble post-it notes. Outlook’s notes are capable of being sorted and searched but there’s something about them that just doesn’t feel right. […] continued

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You knew it was true, but finally there’s a study confirming that inkjet printers are filthy, lying thieves.

According to the report, an independent lab evaluated how much ink was left in a cartridge when a printer reported that the cartridge was out of ink. Results varied by manufacturer and printer model, but on average more than half the ink was still in the cartridges when the printers said to throw them away. […] continued

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If you listen to online radio – Yahoo! Launchcast, Pandora, Live365, streaming radio stations, smaller webcasters – be prepared for a Day of Silence on June 26, when thousands of webcasts will go dead as a dramatic illustration of the likely effect of royalty rate increases scheduled to take effect on July 15. […] continued

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If you’ve been following along, you know that you can get a free Hotmail address and use the very attractive new Windows Live Hotmail online service to read your mail.

Microsoft has now released the free “Outlook Connector” that allows you to use Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 on your home or office computer, and always be in sync with the online webmail. […] continued

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Microsoft has quietly discontinued its Digital Image software. Here’s the announcement – apparently it appeared a few weeks ago.

I’m sad but not surprised. For years Digital Image Pro has been the easiest program to use for editing images and creating projects; I still use it regularly. It never got any headway in the market against Adobe Photoshop Elements, and the online photo-sharing services include simple editing tools that are sufficient for many people. […] continued

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Notebooks come in a remarkable array of sizes and weights. That’s become the most important decision before going shopping – there’s a far wider range than you’d guess from the lineup of similar 5-6 pound models at CompUSA.

At one end are the 9 pound behemoths with huge screens for movies and games that will have you calling for a chiropractor before you finish carrying it down to the plane. […] continued

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If I understand the news coverage correctly, we are at the dawn of a new era in civilization. When the iPhone debuts on June 29, mankind will no longer have to work and our vision will extend into the ultraviolet and infrared light frequencies.

Super! That’s grand. Maybe it’s true and Apple will take over the planet and use its powers for good. […] continued

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If you’re using Adobe Acrobat 8 (Standard or Professional), you will likely be prompted to install an update to version 8.1 released over the weekend by Adobe. It’s a worthwhile update but make sure you have a few minutes free – it took more than ten minutes to install on my speedy desktop computer. […] continued

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Many people should buy the Business edition of Windows Vista, even for home computers. Here’s Microsoft’s chart comparing the features of the various versions of Windows Vista, and here’s another one with a few more details. No one should buy Vista Home Basic, so ignore that column. Vista Home Premium and Vista Business are roughly the same cost. […] continued

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NEW LOOK FOR ASK.COM is one of the perennial also-rans for Internet search, but you might want to take a look at the makeover introduced today. Search results are presented in three panes with a variety of types of information that might be relevant to your search, in addition to the basic list of web pages that Google or Yahoo pull up. […] continued

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