Over the years, QuickTime has been one of the most frustrating bits of software available. Conflicting versions would wind up installed simultaneously, banner ads for paid upgrades would appear every single time a movie was launched, and why, oh why, is it impossible to make a Quicktime clip run fullscreen?

Now Apple has taken a lesson from RealPlayer by hiding the link for the new version 7 of the free QuickTime Player – just the player, not the bundle with iTunes, not the “Pro” version, just the QuickTime player so I can watch stupid movies online. […] continued

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When Lenovo took over IBM’s Thinkpad line of notebooks, there was some concern that the line might be changed and the quality might suffer. All the reviews are good so far, and the new ultraportable Thinkpad X60 is getting rave reviews. Here’s PC Magazine with a review that praises the light weight, extraordinary battery life (seven hours under some conditions!), and a twelve inch screen that is as generous as you can get in an ultraportable. […] continued

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Lots of new security updates from Microsoft today, the regularly-scheduled once-a-month release that’s become known as “Patch Tuesday.” Here’s an article about this month’s patches.

Some of you will find your computer restarted after installing the updates last night, or perhaps OneCare will be bugging you today. If you’re not sure, go to Microsoft Update and install all Critical Updates! […] continued

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There will be a lot more to say about Windows Vista in the coming months, but for the moment let me discourage you from testing the recent “public beta” released by Microsoft.

Paul Thurrott is a Microsoft fan and long-time tech columnist. His web site is a good place to get extensive reviews and opinions about Microsoft technology. […] continued

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Over the years various programs have promised to filter Internet browsing to prevent access to inappropriate content. Net Nanny, for example, was reputed to be one of the leaders a couple of years ago, but I found it wildly confusing and abandoned it almost immediately. Norton’s filter in the Internet Security suite is poorly designed and difficult to figure out. […] continued

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It’s easy to imagine movies on demand, streamed to your television over the Internet. Unfortunately, there’s also reason to think that it will be many years before that becomes real. Not only are there significant technical barriers, but movie studios make a lot of money from their long-term deals with channels like HBO. […] continued

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A momentary lapse led a client to respond to an e-mail from Wells Fargo, clicking on a link and filling in account information on the login page.

The message wasn’t from Wells Fargo, the account information went to sophisticated criminals overseas, and a lot of money was moved out of the client’s bank accounts in the next two hours. […] continued

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Dell’s image has been slipping. Tech support has been rocky for more than a few of my clients (and abysmal for computers purchased from Dell’s Home division, which outsources support to India). Its sales division for parts and small items is a nightmare. Somehow it’s not comforting to know that Dell is still a step ahead of every other company out there – both by my experience and according to all the surveys. […] continued

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