Dell will roll out new business notebooks today, the Latitude D620 and D820, with two interesting features. Here’s an article about the rollout.

First, they will have built-in support for Internet connections through Verizon or Cingular cellular networks. Up to now, a reference to “wireless” referred only to 802.11g networks – the 100 foot cloud created by a wireless access point somewhere on the ground. […] continued

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If you’re using Windows Live OneCare, it was recently updated to include protection against spyware as well as viruses. Here’s info from the Windows Live OneCare team about the update.

If you open Windows Live OneCare and click on View Settings, you should see a new “Antispyware” tab, showing that Microsoft’s antispyware program Windows Defender has been installed. […] continued

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Microsoft has released an updated version of Windows Desktop Search, its program for indexing files and Outlook folders for lightning-fast searches. Here’s the home page for Windows Desktop Search.

It’s become an impressive program. It permits searches of Outlook public folders and files on mapped network drives, and it no longer requires installation of the MSN toolbar. […] continued

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Sony confirmed today that the Playstation 3 will not appear until November – a potentially disastrous setback for Sony’s struggling electronics division.

Sony is having a bad time. Sony is completely out of the market for handheld music players, a market it used to own – remember the Walkman? The publicity over the malware installed on computers by Sony audio CDs was one of the most embarrassing and damaging incidents suffered by any technology company. […] continued

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Later this year, Microsoft will roll out Windows Vista, the successor to Windows XP, as well as Office 2007, a dizzying array of familiar and unfamiliar business applications.

The busiest division at Microsoft, though, is producing online services under the umbrella name of “Windows Live.” The executives claim there’s a unified vision behind the flood of Windows Live products – but take a look at this chart of Windows Live services and see what you think. […] continued

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America Online appears to be offering a useful service – words I have not spoken often in the last ten or fifteen years. For $6.95 per month, AOL’s new service Link2PC allows remote access to one or two computers from any location. Here’s an article about the new service.

This is not a new idea – here’s my comments from last year about stalwart GoToMyPC and newer competitors MyWebExPC and LogMeIn. […] continued

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Microsoft unveiled its latest Internet search page, yet another attempt to unseat Google. The “Windows Live” name is being attached to many web-based Microsoft projects right now, so the new name is Windows Live Search. Currently the results are driven by the same engine behind MSN Search, but Microsoft promises that it will be enhanced soon to produce results that are neato keen compared to Google’s search results. […] continued

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