Google Earth is another free service from the good folks at Google. After downloading and installing a 10Mb program, you have extraordinary access to satellite images of the entire globe, with intuitive controls that allow you to zoom in to your house or tilt the terrain. There are 3D views of the buildings in 40 American cities, and overlays for restaurants, businesses, weather, crime statistics, and more. […] continued

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Printer prices keep falling. I’ve seen a plausible prediction that printers will come to be disposable – we’ll replace the printer instead of replacing the ink cartridges individually. Even the least expensive inkjet printers can print photos that rival prints from the drugstore.

HP inkjet printers are designed inelegantly in one respect: there isn’t room to install all of the possible ink cartridges at the same time. […] continued

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Microsoft Word opens up a new window for each document. Internet Explorer frequently opens new windows – each time you click on an IE icon, for example, or when a web page is set to open new windows instead of using the existing window. When we’re in full swing, we can have ten or twenty windows open. […] continued

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A Wall Street Journal columnist notes a milestone today – the price for an entry-level computer has fallen below $300. Dell and others are offering computers with Windows XP Professional, a 2.4GHz Celeron processor, 256Mb of RAM, a 40Gb hard drive, and a 17 inch monitor for $299.

That’s remarkable – and there’s no indication that prices are going to stop sliding down. […] continued

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Microsoft updated its MSN Search Toolbar and quietly added tabbed browsing to Internet Explorer. With this enhancement, IE can open several web pages in a single window, allowing you to jump between them by clicking on a tab at the top of the window. Here’s an article about the update. […] continued

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Here’s an article summing up the increased competition to print your digital photos. There’s a dizzying array of options ranging from kiosks at the drug store to Costco and WalMart, plus an increasing number of web sites. Prices are steadily coming down; a 4×6 inch print is 19 cents at WalMart, 17 cents at Costco, 19 cents prepaid at Shutterfly, and as low as 10 cents prepaid at Snapfish. […] continued

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SBC lowered its promotional price for new DSL accounts to $14.95 – good for one year, only available if you order online and use SBC local phone service.

(As always, if you order from Sonic, you get virtually the same price and far nicer people for sales and support. I just spent an hour with SBC DSL tech support speaking incomprehensibly to me from India. […] continued

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