The RIAA and the government are collaborating against you, you pirate low-life swine. Yes, you – and you, and you.

Look, they’ve tried to make it clear that this situation does not arise from a failed business model for the recording industry and its failure to adapt to new technology. It’s your fault and your problem and you should be bankrupted and ruined. […] continued

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I recently saw a study about the dilemma facing manufacturers of products sold in grocery stores – they don’t want their product lineup to get stale, but consumers can be overwhelmed if they’re offered too many choices.

Printer models have become a blur. I can’t keep up with the rollouts from HP any more, much less the other manufacturers. […] continued

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Yahoo released a new version of its instant messenger program today – same functions, but more cute smiley faces and cute games and not-so-cute advertising and screen clutter.

Make sure you do a “custom install”! The default installation will take over your Internet home page, your Internet searches, and your e-mail, in addition to other unwanted changes to your system. […] continued

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It’s well-known that Gateway has been struggling to stay alive. Gateway has lost money in 13 of the last 14 quarters, it has closed all its retail stores, it has cut its workforce from 24,600 to 7400 employees, and it has stopped manufacturing its own computer products.

It’s simply too delicious that Gateway still has a bigger market share (3.8 […] continued

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A year ago I speculated that Apple would start to shift its emphasis away from the computer business and into consumer electronics. (Click here and scroll down to May 17, 2003.)

Apple announced this week that it will split its product development into two parts, separating the people who develop iPod-related products from those who work on the company’s flailing Macintosh computers. […] continued

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A new music downloading service is attracting attention. AllOfMP3.com is hosted in Moscow and offers music downloads at dirt-cheap prices by the megabyte, in a variety of formats, from a large catalog, with no restrictions on the files.

Here’s an article from an Australian journalist who downloaded a gigabyte of mp3 files for less than fifty dollars and reports no subsequent abuse of his credit card. […] continued

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The rule of thumb is: never attempt to e-mail a file larger than 2Mb! Large file attachments frequently don’t make it to the other end and at worst can clog the recipient’s mailbox and leave it unusable.

The advice is good but the dilemma remains – how do you send your big Powerpoint presentation, or the 25Mb PDF file, or the original TIF artwork, or whatever other big file needs to be transferred? […] continued

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802.11b R.I.P.

The standard for wireless products has been 802.11b, capable of reliable but relatively slow network speeds. Shortly after the 802.11b standard was finalized, products flooded onto the market and prices fell quickly. Until recently, the shelves at CompUSA were loaded with 802.11b routers and USB adapters and PC Cards and the like. […] continued

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