OnStream made tape backup systems. I loved them. Unparalleled reliability. A unique tape format, but I never had a problem with one of their cartridges. When I think of the hours I’ve lost wrestling with conventional Travan tape drives . . . well, OnStream was like a breath of fresh air. […] continued

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Google continues to provide search results that are so accurate that it’s spooky. It bears repeating – as much as I hate screen clutter, I recommend the Google Toolbar, a browser addon that puts a slender Google search bar across the top of the screen. Not only do you get easy access to Google, it also lets you search for words on the page you’re viewing at that moment, as well as allowing you to search only the pages of the web site you’re visiting. […] continued

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Prices on flat-panel monitors are finally falling. and it looks like this summer will be the time to buy one. The prediction is that a 15″ flat-screen monitor will be in the $400 range, and 17-18 inch monitors will be $700 or so. (Don’t forget that the measurements are different on the LCD monitors, so a 15 inch flat screen has almost the same amount of screen area as a 17″ conventional monitor.) […] continued

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Norton Antivirus offers a feature called “e-mail protection” that I routinely turn off. It’s a service that scans e-mail for viruses as messages come into your system – an appealing idea, but it’s implemented badly. It changes the settings for your POP3 server and frequently prevents e-mail from being retrieved at all. […] continued

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Napster is gone. Its death may be more or less protracted, but it’s all over. There will now be a period of confusion – most of you will be well served by waiting until the dust settles. I’m a big fan of Media Jukebox, so I like their offer of $3 billion to the record industry to begin a new subscription-based source for legal online music. […] continued

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Ginger, the much-hyped device invented by Dean Kamen, apparently is a two-wheeled scooter-like device that will run nearly emission-free using a hydrogen-based engine.Here’s an article with more info about Ginger. That might not grab you at first, but two things are worth thinking about: (1) An emission-free engine? Think about that for a second. […] continued

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Microsoft Office XP will arrive in a few months, the successor to MS Office 2000. Not much information on new features, but the company believes it’s an important new release, especially for people who held off on upgrading to Office 2000. As I understand it, the new version includes a “product activation” feature that makes it much more difficult to avoid paying Microsoft a license fee for each copy installed. […] continued

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Hope you like the new look for the web site! Let me know if any links are broken!

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While Dell continues to be a strong company and a great choice when you’re in the market for a new system, Gateway has been floundering. Although I was an early Gateway booster, I became more and more unhappy with Gateway’s erratic customer service and odd choices of hardware and software. Here’s an article that describes Gateway’s deep financial problems. […] continued

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I know lots of people who are finding that working with images on a computer is hard and mysterious. It’s taken me years to get grounded – and all that experience has mostly taught me how little I know. If you’re serious about learning about screen resolutions and pixels and web-safe colors, this is a sample chapter from a book named Easy Web Graphics, with a wealth of basic information about the things you’ll need to know. […] continued

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