MUSICCITY STILL IN BUSINESS is under attack from the copyright police, and a court in the Netherlands ordered it to halt file swapping a couple of weeks ago. It’s holding steady so far, and it announced today that it plans to release a new version of the Morpheus software which will tap into Gnutella, a true peer-to-peer network. […] continued

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If you’ve got a digital camera, I’ve got a great accessory for you. This is my favorite Christmas present.

The Hewlett Packard Photosmart 100 printer does only one thing: it prints high-quality 4×6 photos on HP glossy photo paper. But it does it very well indeed! The photos are borderless (!) […] continued

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To my clients, my friends, and all who stop by: my warmest wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope you find a few high-tech toys in your stocking in the morning – and if you do, I hope you’ll let me play with them!

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A fascinating article by Mike Godwin, attorney and fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology. His argument is that the real war is not between the copyright holders and the copyright “pirates” (you and me) who distribute unlicensed copies of creative works over the Internet. The real war is between the content industries and the techology industries. […] continued

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If you’re wondering whether Roger Ebert’s tepid review of Lord Of The Rings is typical (it’s not), or if everybody agrees that The Majestic is irredeemably sappy (they do), there’s two sites that give easy access to movie reviews.

The Internet Movie Database is enormous, a mind-boggling reference library on film. […] continued

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Somebody discovered a way to sneak remotely into Windows computers under some circumstances (only in the laboratory so far, but some smart person will figure it out in the real world eventually). Microsoft has a patch that eliminates the problem, and it’s trying so hard to be sensitive to security issues that a Microsoft guy took the lead in announcing that this was serious and awful and everybody should upgrade immediately. […] continued

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An interesting toy for music buffs. If you’ve been a Napster or MusicCity or AudioGalaxy user, you’ve probably assembled a sizable library of music on your hard drive. The Turtle Beach Audiotron is set up with your hi-fi equipment to play through your home speakers, but it is also connected to your home computer network. […] continued

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If you get a DVD player for Christmas, make sure to look into Netflix for your DVD rentals. NetFlix sends rental DVDs by mail and lets you keep them for as long as you want for $19.95 a month. You can watch as many movies as you like but you have to return old movies before you get new ones. […] continued

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If you’re giving a gift to a child between 5 and 12 years old, check to see if they’ve got a copy of The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle. When it turned up last year, it instantly earned a spot as one of the all-time best and funniest kids’ books – a guaranteed charmer. […] continued

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By default, Norton Antivirus 2002 scans outgoing e-mail for viruses. I’ve become unhappy with the way it handles that outgoing mail scan. It typically takes 10-30 seconds before anything happens to a message in the outbox, and then a big window appears in the middle of the screen while NAV scans – a window that sits on top of everything else onscreen and can take 5-15 seconds to go away. […] continued

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Click here for a video of AOL Time Warner COO Robert Pittman delivering the keynote address at Internet World. He lists the ways AOL can profit by offering broadband services to its subscribers, and describes the company’s vision of transforming AOL’s revenue from a household from $24.90/month to $160/month or more. […] continued

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Microsoft released a huge patch for Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 today. It is highly recommended that everyone install this patch immediately. It is a cumulative patch that includes all previous security updates for IE, and adds protection against three new vulnerabilities that were just discovered. Here’s an article about the patch, and here’s the Microsoft page where you can get it. […] continued

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Many of you have used WinZip for years to handle zip files. I’m still more comfortable with it than anything else, but it’s worth noting that Microsoft has integrated support for zip files into its operating systems, beginning with Windows Me and now continuing in Windows XP.

To compress a file or folder, select it, right-click it, and select Send To | Compressed (Zipped) Folder. […] continued

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The responsibility of owning a computer today includes owning an antivirus program and keeping it up to date. If you haven’t affirmatively done something to update your virus definitions in the last two weeks, then you’re at risk, and you’re putting everyone in your address book at risk. It’s not difficult – the antivirus programs make it very easy to remember to stay up to date. […] continued

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AT&T bears a heavy burden of responsibility for the Excite@Home debacle. You might think they’d hide out for a while – but no! They have new ideas to make people even more angry.

First, it became clear right away that the service it rolled out this week to replace Excite’s service is running at less than half the speed – 1.5 megabits instead of up to 4 megabits downstream. […] continued

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