Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Focused Inbox Is Replacing Clutter In Outlook

Focused Inbox is replacing Clutter in Outlook

Microsoft just wants to be helpful. It’s eager to be helpful. It can’t stop itself from trying new things, just in case they’re a little bit better, even if you didn’t ask for any changes and you don’t really want new things.

Imagine that every six months you came home and Microsoft had rearranged your furniture without telling you. […] continued

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Security Warning: Do Not Click On Links In Email Messages!

Do not click on links in email messages!

Do not click on links in email messages unless you are 100% certain they lead somewhere you want to go.

We are being assaulted by a torrent of phony email messages from criminals. The messages look legitimate. The links lead to fake websites that will try to steal your password or credit card number. […] continued

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The Case Of The Missing Eye

Security - the case of the missing eye

Let’s track down a bad guy. Looking through the clues will help you catch the next criminal that tries to trick you with a malicious email message.

I received many reports last week of phony messages that appeared to be from Microsoft, Paypal, and others. There are some examples below. One of them was clever in an interesting way that will remind you of how careful you need to be. […] continued

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Scam Alert: Beware Of Chinese Domain Emails

Beware of Chinese domain name email scams

If you get an email urging you to take fast action because your business domain name is about to be registered by someone in China, throw it away. It’s a scam.

There has been a resurgence of these in the last few months. I’ve gotten a few and several clients have mentioned them recently. […] continued

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Security Warning: Be Alert For Amazon Scam Email

Amazon scam email

The email above landed in my inbox this morning. It’s phony. I don’t know how it got through the junk mail filter. We are required to be paranoid these days! It’s sad. Let me give you some tips for staying safe out there.

The message purports to be from Amazon. It’s got the look and feel of Amazon’s emails. […] continued

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The Return Of Cryptolocker

The return of Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker is arguably the worst virus we have ever faced. It first appeared last fall and caused havoc, then left the news for a few months.

It’s back. I’ve had two clients lose computers to Cryptolocker or a variation on it in the last month, and there are reports that it is spreading worldwide. […] continued

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Spam, Spam Everywhere


Sometimes it seems as if we’re making progress against spam. Spam filters have improved and we don’t bother to check the Junk Mail folder any more because we know it’s all junk. Oh, sure, some crud gets through to the Inbox from the bad guys but on the whole complaints about spam have dropped way down. […] continued

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Computer Safety: Look At Links Before You Click

Computer safety: look at links before you click

Here’s a simple tip that might help you avoid an encounter with the bad guys trying to break into your computer.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of malicious email messages with links that lead to poisoned web sites. The messages might appear to be from Microsoft, from a bank, from UPS, from the IRS, or from your neighbor. […] continued

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Office 365 And Spam

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online - spam


Office 365 delivers all incoming messages to your mailbox. It does not hold messages in a spam quarantine.

[05/09/12 Update below]


Microsoft does thorough spam filtering on incoming mail for Office 365 subscribers – and then uses technology built into Exchange to make the experience with spam completely painless. […] continued

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The Dark Side Of Search Engine Optimization


Google Spam
Google Spam – Google Responds

If you are interested in Search Engine Optimization and the business of running web sites, the New York Times has published a must-read article, “The Dirty Little Secrets Of Search.” The paper launched an investigation to discover why JC Penney was ranking number one in Google search results for dozens of words or phrases – “dresses,” “bedding,” “area rugs,” and many more. […] continued

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Google Spam – Google Responds


Previously: Google Spam

Although there had been many articles about the declining quality of Google search results in the last few weeks, Google finally issued its first official response within eight hours after my post last night. Coincidence? Well, I report, you decide, let’s leave it at that.

Google’s response comes from Matt Cutts, Principal Google Engineer, on Google’s official blog. […] continued

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Google Spam


Google search results are becoming less useful. Have you noticed?

I started thinking about this last fall, when I noticed that most of the Google alerts coming into my mailbox led to spam sites – sites with no real content other than random snippets vacuumed up from around the web and surrounded by advertising. […] continued

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Annoying Checkboxes, HP Style


Annoying Checkboxes (Microsoft Office)
Ban The Check (Java, iTunes)

This week’s installment of Annoying Checkboxes comes to us courtesy of HP, always a reliable source of installation routines that take too long and bloat your system with too much crud. Now they’ve added a non-standard installation routine that seems designed to conceal the sneaky advertising and crapware that will be loaded onto your computer if you’re not careful. […] continued

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I cleaned up two malware-infested computers yesterday. Both of them had up-to-date antivirus software and responsible owners who had installed all critical Windows updates.

The only malware that I’ve seen for the last few months has been the kind that pops up phony security warnings, trying to get a credit card number.

[…] continued
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When I moved the bruceb news page to WordPress and opened it up to comments, there was an unexpected side effect: blog spam.

There’s a space at the bottom of each post for comments. I don’t have a big audience and there are few comments from real people. You, my family and dear friends and clients and any of the rest of my fourteen readers, you are always welcome to add a comment. […] continued

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