The Outlook team at Microsoft plans to publish a series of tips in their blog about interesting ways they use Outlook. Today’s item highlights a way to display any range of dates in the Outlook calendar, even unconnected dates.

Click a day in the date picker (the little calendar in the upper left or upper right), then hold CTRL down and click additional dates. […] continued

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Microsoft released security updates on Tuesday night, following its normal monthly schedule. Your computer should have restarted during the night.

We’re all overwhelmed by updates but we’re stuck with them. The holes fixed today are the ones that the bad guys will be hammering on tomorrow. You should be installing the updates for Windows and other Microsoft products when they’re released. […] continued

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I’ve stopped using Office Live Workspace for now. It’s a service with a lot of potential but a few areas that are rough around the edges. Although I encourage you to try OLW and the other new services, my sense is that most people won’t be ready to change their traditional methods of saving and working on files until these services are seamless. […] continued

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If you’re sending a student off to college with a new laptop, Microsoft has a pretty good deal. A student with an email address at an educational institution (typically the email addresses end in .EDU) can buy a copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $59.95 through this web site. […] continued

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Microsoft Office Live Workspace is one of the more interesting ways to store documents online and share them easily. Access is obtained through your Windows Live ID, the password that is becoming increasingly important as Microsoft pulls the various Windows Live services together. Here’s some background on Office Live Workspace. […] continued

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On July 15, Microsoft will begin selling a product that many of you should consider for your next computer.

Microsoft Equipt includes Office 2007 Home and Student, Windows Live OneCare, and some Windows Live programs and services (Office Live Workspace for online storage of files, plus Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Mail). […] continued

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[Originally posted November 26, 2007]

Thinking about a new computer – home, home office, small business? Let me give you some generalizations that will help you get started. (As always, gamers will be looking for faster processors and hard drives, more memory, and – particularly important – choosing from an array of high-end video cards. […] continued

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Adobe has launched an online suite of software and services, along with announcing the July release of Acrobat 9. It’s all interesting but I have a sense of overload already, and we’re still very early in the new age of online web services.

acrobatdotcombuttons is ready for you to begin using for free – an email address and a password opens up online file storage, convenient file sharing, an online word processor, web conferencing, and a PDF converter. […] continued

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Microsoft Office 2007 features top-to-bottom rewrites of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, with ribbons replacing the familiar menus and toolbars. There is another change lurking under the hood that might affect you even if you don’t buy a new computer and start using the Office 2007 programs.

All three programs save files in new formats by default – .DOCX, .XLSX, and .PPTX. […] continued

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Microsoft is working on a package of software and online services that might be exactly right for students and home computer users.

Although Vista includes important features out of the box, it does not include Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. That’s surprising to many people. (Dell will preinstall Office if you remember to check the box, but all the other manufacturers leave it off to keep the computer sale price down.) I talk to a lot of people about why they have to make an unexpected trip to Costco or Office Depot to buy a copy of Office. […] continued

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There are many visions of our online future. Google and many others envision a world of cloud computing, where our programs and our data are both hosted online. Google Docs provides a word processor and spreadsheet, and online storage of files, all accessible from any computer anywhere. At the moment these services are mostly presented in an Internet browser but the technology is already appearing to let online programs run in their own windows like any other program, giving us access to programs that look elegant and can be accessed from anywhere. […] continued

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Outlook Shortcuts

Did you know you can have multiple Outlook windows open? Try right-clicking on “Calendar” or “Contacts,” then clicking on Open in new window.

This will be very exciting for some of you. But wait! There’s more!

By default, Outlook opens into your Inbox. You can change the default folder by clicking in Outlook on Tools / Options / Other / Advanced Options. […] continued

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Sharp-eyed Microsoft Office users might have noticed that the default fonts are changed in Office 2007. The old familiar names are still there – Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, and Courier New – but the defaults are newcomers Cambria, Calibri, and more.

Microsoft had originally proposed standardized fonts for the Internet in 1995 and built Arial, Times New Roman, and several more deeply into Windows XP and Microsoft Office. […] continued

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When I set up a new computer these days, I spend almost no time describing new features in Windows Vista – people are generally able to start using it right away with a minimum of fuss. Outlook 2007 is so similar to Outlook 2003 that I don’t even mention that it’s a new version. […] continued

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Here’s a short article from the ABA’s Law Practice magazine noting the many ways that Microsoft OneNote 2007 can be used by lawyers for everything from trial notebooks to business transaction notes. There are law-specific templates available for OneNote (as well as templates for the other Microsoft Office programs) on Microsoft’s Office Templates page. […] continued

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