Just Another Week In Technology

Increasing speed of new technology

The pace is picking up as we head into full-blown techno-craziness this fall.

WINDOWS 8 This morning the shipping version of Windows 8 became available to Microsoft TechNet and MSDN subscribers. The download site generated error messages for an hour or so under the weight of the people trying to log in but they got it under control and I’m downloading Windows 8 in the background as I write this. […] continued Read more

Business-Focused Notebooks And Tablets From Lenovo

Lenovo Windows 8 tablet

Lenovo is stepping to the front of the pack with new laptops and tablets that look just right for small businesses. The Lenovo lineup of Ultrabooks, thin and light notebooks, is more interesting than any other manufacturer now, and the upcoming products for Windows 8 look compelling. I’m going to encourage my clients to look beyond Dell for a change. […] continued

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How To Identify An Ivy Bridge Processor

Intel Ivy Bridge processors - how to identify

The market for Windows notebooks has begun its transition to new models built on Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors. New products are appearing daily and older models are being upgraded or replaced. Since shopping is a little confusing right now, I’ll try to give you the short course about what you’re looking for. […] continued

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Apple Updates The MacBook Pro

Apple Updates The MacBook Pro with Retina display

Apple introduced updated notebooks at the Worldwide Developer Conference this week, with much fanfare and media hubbub – and surprisingly little substance.

The highlight is the 15” “MacBook Pro with Retina display,” which follows the “new iPad” in demonstrating that Apple has completely lost its way in product branding. The MacBook Pro has a very high resolution display, a speedy processor, a solid state hard drive (SSD), a slightly slimmer profile, and a price tag that is unexpectedly high even for Apple. […] continued

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Apple Patents The Wedge

Apple Patents The Wedge

It’s not a secret that the tech industry is being distorted by our imperfect patent system. Companies are being purchased to obtain their patent portfolios rather than, say, their product lines or talented employees. The mobile phone market seems to be driven as much by patent lawsuits as by genuine innovation. […] continued

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SSDs Are The Real Secret To Improved Notebook Performance

Intel SSD and Ivy Bridge - improved notebook speed

At Computex today, Intel is boasting about the improved performance of its Ivy Bridge chipset.

PC vendors are falling all over themselves to get hundreds of new laptops on the market, with most of the attention on the thin and light Ultrabooks built on Ivy Bridge that will dominate the market this year. […] continued

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Ultrabook Update And Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Ultrabook

Intel’s Ivy Bridge chipsets will be available in new Ultrabooks very soon. There are persistent rumors that the first ones will be on the market after an announcement on June 5 at Computex, an important laptop trade show in Taiwan.

Ultrabook is the marketing term for 13”-14” laptops that are ultra-light and ultra-thin. […] continued

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Getting Through A Transitional Year


Let’s gather up all the things that are on the verge of changes large and small. It covers just about every category.

The common thread is that not one of them is ready now.

Everything is in play. Anything that you buy now will seem like a poor decision in hindsight within a short time. […] continued

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The Latest Toys

Ultrabooks - HP Envy Spectre 14

New toys are coming on the market, just as promised. As you look at them, keep in mind that this is only the beginning. This is a transition year that will be filled with new products, each one looking better/cheaper/shinier than the one before it.


By summer the shelves will be full of 13” ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight notebook computers. […] continued

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Walled Gardens Postscript: Just Tell Me What To Do!

Walled Gardens - what to do

Walled Gardens, Part 1: Apple
Walled Gardens, Part 2: Google
Walled Gardens, Part 3: Microsoft

This is a transition year. There are no right or wrong answers. Buy whatever feels right and be prepared for some bumps and the possibility that you’ll replace a device or two in 2013 to consolidate everything in one garden. […] continued

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Windows 8 And Post-PC Computing

Windows 8 Logo

The logo for Windows 8 that was unveiled over the weekend symbolizes a lot of things that will have a deep effect on you sooner than you think. In a couple of weeks Microsoft will unveil a “consumer preview” of Windows 8 and begin a drumbeat of publicity that will lead up to the launch of the new operating system at the end of the year. […] continued

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Free LogMeIn App For iPad (And Some New Reasons To Buy LMI Pro)

LogMeIn Free iPad app

LogMeIn has moved far ahead of its competitors for working with computers remotely. It introduced major changes to its product lineup a couple of days before Christmas – not a good time to get much attention but an appropriate time to deliver lovely presents, since the changes include new features that will be useful for many of you. […] continued

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Three New Lightweight Notebooks

Ultralight notebooks - Lenovo Ideapad U300S

Attentive readers will recall that a new platform for thin and light notebooks was announced by Intel a couple of months ago. The first Ultrabook notebooks are hitting the market in November. I haven’t seen these in person but they strike me as being good representatives of what everyone should be looking for in a notebook these days. […] continued

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Operating System Market Share Might Be Different Than You Think

OS market share - Apple vs Windows

Apple’s brilliant success since Steve Jobs returned in 1997 has made it the largest company in the world by almost any measure, with a market capitalization that exceeds Microsoft and Intel combined. iPhones define the smartphone market, even if they do not completely dominate it now that Android has taken the lead in market share. […] continued

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Thin And Light Notebooks Go Mainstream

Lenovo Ideapad U300s Ultrabook

By the end of the year there will finally be a dozen or more reasonably-priced ultrathin, ultralight notebooks on the market, mostly priced under a thousand dollars.

Almost three years ago Apple introduced the MacBook Air, an ultrathin 13” notebook. Even with an example in front of them suitable for copying, PC manufacturers didn’t have any reasonably powered thin and light notebooks on the market until more than a year later, and even then there were only a few niche products – the Dell Adamo and one or two others. […] continued

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