Visual Search With Google Goggles


As I said last month, each of you might find one or two apps for a smartphone that get you all excited – the apps that you show people to demonstrate how cool your new phone is.

I found mine. Google Goggles amazes me. If you’ve got an Android phone, you’ve got to check this out. […] continued

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Google has officially rolled out an update to its search result pages, a three column design that provides search options on the left to help refine and redirect your searches. Spend a few minutes learning about the new features – this is the basic tool that shapes much of your online experience, every day. […] continued

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Dropbox For iPad, Android


Dropbox has become an indispensable part of my toolbox. It’s the free service that syncs files between different computers, so that files in the “My Dropbox” folder appear on all the computers running the software linked to your account. Edit a file on your home computer, save it in My Dropbox, and the edited version will be on your office computer in the morning. […] continued

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Smartphones And Money


HP is buying Palm. Synergy! Patents! Engineers! Vision! Innovation! New smartphones computers tablets slates operating systems! Whee!

I was idly reading stories about the deal when a sentence jumped out at me from the New York Times this morning. If this is true, it explains everything you need to know about what is happening around you and where the world is going. […] continued

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Verizon – HTC Droid Incredible Confirmed


HTCIncredible-front HTCIncredible-back

Click here to go to the official Verizon page for the newly-renamed “Droid Incredible.” Click the phone images above for a high-resolution look at the phone. Click here for the background about why this looks like the best alternative to the iPhone for the foreseeable future.

The specs are way ahead of any other phone on the market – the newest version of Android, an updated Sense UI, an 8 megapixel camera, fast processor, 3.7 inch 800×480 screen, 8Gb of built-in storage, 802.11b/g/n wireless, and more. […] continued

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Here are a few sentences that stuck in my head about how the iPhone’s App Store helps convince some people that they want a smartphone.

“[Y]ou might think 1,000 apps should be plenty to fit everyone’s needs, but then you misunderstand how the iPhone’s App Store contributes to Apple’s success. In short, 100,000 apps is a really, really long tail, and in that tail everyone can find one or two goofy, niche apps that they really like.

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These are the first looks at screens from the HTC Incredible, a Verizon phone that will go on sale at Verizon stores and Best Buy on April 29. Verizon has not acknowledged the existence of the phone or made any official announcement about its release but the most active forum thread about the new phone has people reporting every conversation with a loose-lipped Verizon employee, every blurry photo of an inventory sheet, every mockup of an advertisement – more than 25,000 forum messages in the last few weeks. […] continued

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Article in today’s New York Times, “Digitally, Location Is Where It’s At”:

To someone not in their 20s whose location generally isn’t that interesting to others — that would be me — the idea of handing over your privacy with both hands to strap on a digital ankle bracelet sounds profoundly unattractive.

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Location, Location, Location


The new little device in your pocket knows where you are – and that’s the next thing that’s going to change the world. Location will be the most important thing that happens in technology this year, and in the long run it will likely be as significant as the rise of social networks in the last few years. […] continued

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Back in the old days – say, six months ago – buying a smartphone meant signing up with AT&T for an iPhone (and sighing at AT&T’s shortcomings), or settling for something less capable from another carrier. Things are changing fast – here are a few random highlights.

Google’s Nexus One phone is only available online, sight unseen, for the unsubsidized price of $529, or a subsidized price of $179 through T-Mobile. […] continued

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Hands-On With The Dell Vostro V13


dellvostrov13-4Once my wife saw my Dell Vostro V13, it didn’t take long before we had two Vostro V13s.

The Vostro V13 is an ultrathin notebook with a 13” 1366×768 nonglare screen and a full-size keyboard. It’s two-thirds of an inch tall with the lid closed and weighs just 3.5 pounds. […] continued

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If you read gadget sites like Engadget or Gizmodo, then you already know that the world changed today when Microsoft unveiled the “Windows Phone 7 Series,” the next generation of its software for cell phones and a serious attempt to break up the iPhone monopoly on cool handheld devices. Readers of those sites found out that western civilization has finally reached its fruition and mankind is likely to evolve into a higher form of life. […] continued

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microsoftfloundersWindows 7 is a staggering achievement. Microsoft delivered exactly the right product at the right time and will completely dominate desktop computing for the foreseeable future.

Microsoft shows no signs of being able to do anything similar in any of the other areas that will be important to consumers and small businesses in the next ten years. […] continued

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Kindles For Boomers

kindle1 If you haven’t had a chance to see a Kindle yet, you really owe it to yourself to ask someone to show you theirs. You’ll see their eyes light up with the same look that iPhone owners get when they have a chance to show off their toys. I’m a book lover from way back, an old school type with a deep love for the feel and the look and the smell of books, but I can understand completely why my wife loves her Kindle. […] continued

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hp_mini_311_nbDon’t buy a netbook yet.

It’s taking longer than I expected for the next generation of netbooks to become available. There’s no shortage of the very small devices with 10” screens on the market but almost all of them are still slow and underpowered. AT&T just announced two new models that you’ll be able to buy at a discounted price along with a two-year data plan (the Samsung Go and Acer Aspire One); they’re perfectly nice but next year’s models may be even better choices. […] continued

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