Outlook Address Book And Microsoft Word


Displaying Contacts In The Outlook Address Book
Sorting The Outlook Address Book By Last Name

For some reason the ribbon bar in Word 2007 and Word 2010 does not have a button to push that brings up the Outlook Address Book for inserting addresses into Word documents, envelopes, and the like. […] continued

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Sorting The Outlook Address Book By Last Name

outlookaddressbook6Previously: Displaying Contacts In The Outlook Address Book

When you open the Outlook Address Book to address an email message, the names in your Contacts folder are sorted by first name. Lots of people want them sorted by last name. It’s one of those mildly irritating things that requires changing a deeply hidden setting. […] continued

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Displaying Contacts In The Outlook Address Book


When you click on the TO: button to address an email message in Outlook, most people expect to see a list of their contacts. If your mailbox is run by Microsoft Exchange, chances are that you’ll see the short list of users inside the company, not the people in your Contacts folder. […] continued

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Find Mail Faster With Search Folders


Both Outlook 2003 and 2007 have an often overlooked feature named Search Folders. Look under the list of mail folders (Inbox / Outbox / Sent Items) and you’ll see a handful of default Search Folders, gathering together all the items that meet some criteria. “Unread mail,” for example, displays all the messages that are unread regardless of what folder contains them. […] continued

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The Evolution Of Email

emailiconIt’s rare now to find traditional POP3 email accounts, where messages are downloaded to a single computer and are only accessible at that computer. We move between different computers freely (home/work/laptop/netbook) and want our mail to be available on all of them. We are buying smartphones in staggering numbers and getting our email on the phone is a big part of the reason. […] continued

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I cleaned up two malware-infested computers yesterday. Both of them had up-to-date antivirus software and responsible owners who had installed all critical Windows updates.

The only malware that I’ve seen for the last few months has been the kind that pops up phony security warnings, trying to get a credit card number.

[…] continued
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[Thursday January 28, 2010 – sent to MOS subscribers at 9:07pm]

Dear Customer:

Microsoft Online Services strives to provide exceptional service for all of our customers. On January 28, customers served from a North America data center may have experienced intermittent access to services included in the Business Productivity Online Suite.

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Wobbles With Microsoft Online Services


Some problems today with Microsoft Online Services, which leaves me feeling unsettled about it.

Microsoft has made a serious commitment to moving Exchange customers to hosted services. There are some real advantages for small businesses if someone else takes responsibility for the mail system – Exchange is a big, complex piece of work that needs regular attention and updates, and requires a high degree of expertise if something goes wrong. […] continued

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exchangedefenderlogo2Exchange Defender has a new tool for previewing quarantined messages.

Exchange Defender is the service used by many businesses to quarantine spam and scan incoming and outgoing mail for viruses before delivering mail to the company server. Exchange Defender sends a daily report listing all quarantined spam, as well as providing add-in software for Outlook and an online control panel for reviewing quarantined messages. […] continued

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Passwords: E-Mail

passwordmail Previously:
Passwords: computer login

Each of your e-mail addresses has a separate password – a particularly important one to keep in your records. If you use Outlook or Windows Live Mail, the program may have memorized the password; I frequently talk to people who have no idea that their email account has a password because they are never prompted for it. […] continued

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Microsoft Online Services has unexpectedly become more affordable and a more compelling choice for small businesses. I want all law firms and businesses with five or more employees to consider moving their mail to hosted Exchange mailboxes.

Effective immediately, the price of a hosted mailbox has been cut in half to $5/month per mailbox. […] continued

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outlookcalendarshareHere’s an Outlook feature that was new to me – there’s a way to overlay two Outlook calendars.

It’s becoming common for people in small businesses to share Outlook calendars. It’s easy if you have an Exchange mailbox in a business with Small Business Server or a mail system run by Microsoft Online Services. […] continued

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Little did I know that Google would add a new syncing feature right after my article about smartphones on Monday.

Google is now using its implementation of ActiveSync to sync Gmail, Gmail Contacts, and Google Calendar over the air to some smartphones. Here’s the official Google blog entry about the new feature. […] continued

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Lots of people are buying cell phones to read and respond to email on the road. It makes a difference what kind of email account you have! Some phones are better than others for particular situations. I’ve written about this before but it bears repeating.

If you work in a small business and your mail is run by Exchange Server, you should only consider a phone running Windows Mobile software, or an iPhone. […] continued

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Gadgets and services are flooding onto the market so quickly! It’s easy to find a “review” of a new product that recites its features from a press release. It’s much harder to get feedback from people who have actually used something and learned what works and what doesn’t work in the real world. […] continued

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