Comparing The New Internet Browsers, aka Microsoft And The LastPass Problem


Battle Of The Browser Updates

The latest and greatest versions of the three major Internet browsers have been released.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

Mozilla Firefox 4

Google Chrome 10

They are all streamlined and secure. Each has slightly different features, each has enthusiasts, each has its own world of add-ons that might make one preferable to another for you. […] continued

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Battle Of The Browser Updates


It’s probably a coincidence that major updates are being released for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome within a few days of each other.

It’s also not very meaningful for most people. Although each upgrade has something that the developers claim is new and shiny – increased security, speed, design changes – I haven’t seen anything in any of them that gets me excited. […] continued

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If You Press Cancel, The Bad Guys Will Kill Your Dog


Here’s a simple insight that bears repeating. It will help keep you safe.

Most malware is delivered by poisoned web sites that take advantage of some weakness in your system – usually because the computer is not up to date on recent patches for Windows, Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, or others. […] continued

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Blocking The Skype Toolbar


Skype has become one of the names that almost everyone recognizes – one of the only programs with name recognition for online voice and video chats. The company is moving aggressively to make Skype available on every computer and mobile device – iPhone, iPad, Android phone, notebook, and more. […] continued

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DNS Servers And Problems With OpenDNS


I stand by my reconsideration of Firefox, but I think my criticism of Internet Explorer was unjust. Some of my browsing problems were likely not caused by IE at all. They appear to have been caused by OpenDNS, some settings deep in my office network that affected my Internet browsing. […] continued

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Be Ready For Patch Tuesday


Your computer will restart tonight. Close your programs, save your open files, leave the computer running. Your computer will restart in the middle of the night. (If it doesn’t seem to have restarted, look for the update icon by the clock and see if it’s waiting for permission to install the updates or to restart.)

It’s a particularly big crop of updates this month, by some measures the most vulnerabilities ever fixed in a single Patch Tuesday release. […] continued

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Reconsidering Firefox


or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Google Chrome

I am conservative about installing software. I don’t want programs on my computers unless I intend to use them. The first thing I do with a new computer is remove unnecessary utilities and cruddy photo programs and the like installed by the computer manufacturers. […] continued

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By this time you’ve probably learned all the cool keyboard and mouse tricks for your new Windows 7 computer, right?

  • You’ve been using Ctrl-X (Cut), Ctrl-C (Copy), and Ctrl-V (Paste) for ages.
  • It’s old hat to drag and drop with the right mouse button instead of the left button so you can choose from a menu to copy, move, or cancel.
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Be careful out there!

I went to Grooveshark tonight to listen to some music. (Here’s what I wrote about Grooveshark recently. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to link directly to the site tonight.)

Within a few seconds, the Internet Explorer window vanished and was replaced by a typical malware window claiming that my computer was infected with terrible diseases. […] continued

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malwareThe Wall Street Journal reports today: “Hackers in Europe and China successfully broke into computers at nearly 2,500 companies and government agencies over the last 18 months in a coordinated global attack that exposed vast amounts of personal and corporate secrets to theft, according to a computer-security company that discovered the breach.”

This is apparently not related to the attacks from China that caused Google to make noises last month about closing its operations in that country.  In fact, the New York Times calmly notes that this is a relatively small blip in the world of compromised computers and botnets. […] continued

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Firefox 3.6

firefoxMozilla has released Firefox version 3.6, with increased security, faster display of web pages and Javascript, and some new features for add-ins and themes. Here’s a description of the new release and a video demonstrating some of the new features.

If you are running Firefox, you can get the new version by clicking on Help / Check for updates. […] continued

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update I’ve prepared a list of computer safety tips for years. Over time, the advice to keep critical programs up to date has moved to the top spot on the list. You don’t have to spend all your time reading technology news but you do have to be able to identify which reminders are legitimate when they pop up from the system tray. […] continued

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Computer Safety 2010

Here’s an updated list of ways to be safe and secure with your computer.

Vista update icon Install updates from Microsoft promptly. Look in the lower right corner for the gold shield (WinXP) or update icon (Win7/Vista).

Install updates to Acrobat, Flash, Java, and Quicktime promptly. Each will alert you from the lower right corner.

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Online Passwords And LastPass

Passwords: computer login
Passwords: e-mail
Passwords: Google Accounts & Windows Live ID
Password: password managers

lastpasslogoLastPass will help you manage all of your online passwords. You should learn about it, install it, and use it every day. This is seriously good stuff.

LastPass is a free program that memorizes each password typed into a web site and automatically fills it in when you return to the same site. […] continued

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Windows 95 introduced the Start menu.

Windows 7 represents a big step away from it.

Probably the most noticeable change in Windows 7 will be in front of you all the time, down at the bottom of the screen. The reworked taskbar is an ambitious rethinking of the whole concept of launching and running programs. […] continued

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