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lastpasslogoLastPass will help you manage all of your online passwords. You should learn about it, install it, and use it every day. This is seriously good stuff.

LastPass is a free program that memorizes each password typed into a web site and automatically fills it in when you return to the same site. […] continued

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Windows 95 introduced the Start menu.

Windows 7 represents a big step away from it.

Probably the most noticeable change in Windows 7 will be in front of you all the time, down at the bottom of the screen. The reworked taskbar is an ambitious rethinking of the whole concept of launching and running programs. […] continued

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There’s an easy way for you to keep up with web sites you visit regularly. If you’re not using some kind of a news reader or feed reader to keep up with blogs, news sites, and other frequently updated web pages, it’s time for you to take a look.

If a page is updated regularly, it almost certainly has an RSS feed. […] continued

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Many of you – most of you – will get the 64-bit version of Windows 7 on your next computer, so you can use more than 4Gb of RAM. Even if you don’t buy more memory than that at first, you’ll want the comfort of knowing you can add more later. […] continued

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Microsoft’s new search engine Bing is an interesting alternative to Google. In my experience, search results with Bing are at least equivalent to Google and frequently better in some way, particularly when the left-hand column includes a useful way to narrow down the search results. If you use bruceb favorites as your home page, you’ve probably noticed the Bing search box at the top of the page – try it instead of the Google box sometime. […] continued

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firefox Lots of people have installed Firefox to do their Internet browsing. Sometimes, out of curiosity, I ask people why they use it instead of Internet Explorer. There are people who can give an articulate, well-reasoned answer to that question, although as it happens I haven’t met any of them yet. (“My brother knows somebody who said it was cool.”) But that’s fine – it’s a lovely Internet browser. […] continued

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There’s some new wording on a security warning in Internet Explorer 8 that nearly drove me nuts. If you don’t like it either, instructions to disable it are below.

All too often after I installed Internet Explorer 8, I’d click on a website and Internet Explorer would stop dead to ask: “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?”


It happened all over the place, including sites that I trusted. […] continued

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Here’s an updated list of ways to be safe and secure with your computer.

Vista update icon Install updates from Microsoft promptly. Look in the lower right corner for the gold shield (WinXP) or update icon (Vista).

Install updates to Acrobat, Flash, Java, and Quicktime promptly. Each will alert you from the lower right corner.

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ie8toolbarMany of you have now gotten Internet Explorer 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s web browser. The rest of you can expect to see it soon, as it is pushed out through the Automatic Update system. (You’ve got IE8 if you have some extra buttons next to the “Favorites” button for “Suggested Sites” and “Get More Add-Ons.”) Here’s what I wrote about IE8 and its new features last month. […] continued

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Vista is more than two years old and has achieved the dubious distinction that Windows XP achieved at about the same time: installing updates on a new computer has become an arduous, time-consuming pain in the butt.

I took two new Dell Optiplex 760 computers out of the box today. They ship with a lean, streamlined configuration that has virtually no craplets (unwanted software) to uninstall. […] continued

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Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s web browser, released in final form a few weeks ago. Starting soon, it will be offered to you by the Automatic Update system. The rollout will begin in the third week of April but it will not hit everyone at the same time – you may not see it for several weeks after that. […] continued

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Here’s a tip in case you find yourself staring at a suspicious window.

Most malware is installed on a computer these days by luring you to a poisoned web site that brings up a window in front of your browser, suggesting that you agree to let something be installed. The bad guys are showing tremendous ingenuity in getting you to the malicious web sites, so you might be following a link in an email message, a link from a Google search, or perhaps even seeing something generated by a hijacked advertisement on a legitimate web site. […] continued

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When our first child was a year old, we had a childproofing company come to our house and give us a presentation about the threats that might endanger our baby. By the time it was finished, we had closed the college savings account because it seemed so unlikely that he would survive into his teens. […] continued

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At 9am PDT on Thursday, March 19, Microsoft is scheduled to release Internet Explorer 8, with a number of new features and under-the-hood security improvements. I’ll let you know if I find anything exciting in the next week or so, after I’ve had a chance to check it out. In the meantime, take a look at Walt Mossberg’s generally complimentary column in the Wall Street Journal. […] continued

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If you click the wheel of your mouse on a link in IE7, the link will open in a new tab. (Click down like it’s a middle button, don’t just rotate the wheel.)

Did you know that? I didn’t know that. I thought I knew a lot of cool IE7 tab tricks, but I had to learn that one from my son. […] continued

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