Firefox 3.6

firefoxMozilla has released Firefox version 3.6, with increased security, faster display of web pages and Javascript, and some new features for add-ins and themes. Here’s a description of the new release and a video demonstrating some of the new features.

If you are running Firefox, you can get the new version by clicking on Help / Check for updates. […] continued

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update I’ve prepared a list of computer safety tips for years. Over time, the advice to keep critical programs up to date has moved to the top spot on the list. You don’t have to spend all your time reading technology news but you do have to be able to identify which reminders are legitimate when they pop up from the system tray. […] continued

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googlechina The technical side of Google’s blowup in China is shaping up as an explosive story about technology and hacking. Keep an eye on this one!

On Tuesday Google announced that it would no longer comply with Chinese censorship demands and might cease operating in China altogether. As I understand it, Google has set up a separate search page that operates within China and censors some search results as requested by the Chinese government. […] continued

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Access Online Files With Google Docs

googledocs2 Google announced today that you will soon be able to store any kind of file online in Google Docs, which until now has been basically limited to text and spreadsheets. Anyone with a Google Account will be able to store 1Gb of files online and access them from any computer. […] continued

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Passwords: Google Accounts And Windows Live ID

googleaccounts1 windowslive1

Passwords: computer login
Passwords: e-mail

Google and Microsoft have created single sign-on systems where a master password provides access to a broad range of free services. When you sign in to your Google account and Windows Live ID, the companies’ online services will act like an extension of your computer, giving you seamless access to your online files, your pictures, social networks, messaging, games, file sharing and syncing, and many more ways to interact with your friends and colleagues. […] continued

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Two recent announcements.


The New York Times officially added “Times Skimmer” to its family of web sites, with an attractive interface for browsing through news stories without scrolling. Here’s the announcement, and here’s more information about Times Skimmer. Make sure you’re also familiar with the standalone New York Times Reader, an even better way to read the news on a computer. […] continued

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Google built its reputation on its streamlined, minimalist home page and search results, but it may change that design to add more information soon. A small number of people will randomly begin to see “Google Search Options” displayed on the left of the search results as Google runs tests to expose useful features and make results more predictable. […] continued

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googlebooksearch The Google Book initiative is a huge undertaking. Google is digitizing tens of millions of books and promising to make them available to the world forever. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, wrote an impassioned editorial for the New York Times a few days ago, citing the destruction of the library at Alexandria as evidence of how important it is to preserve books for the ages, which Google promises to do. […] continued

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Google has been introducing new features and services at a rapid pace for the last couple of months, presumably to stave off any defections to Microsoft’s search site Bing. There’s a new link in some Google search results that might save you some time!

If your search results include PDF files, look for a “Quick View” link that will open the PDF in a viewing pane, courtesy of Google Docs, with a full page view, thumbnails, and links for downloading and printing. […] continued

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mcafeedangeroussearchterms McAfee released a study a few months ago that illustrates the importance of being careful online.

Most malware is installed now when you visit a rigged web site that takes advantage of a weakness in your system. Perhaps it is able to install a virus or root kit because your computer does not have the latest updates for Windows or Flash. […] continued

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If the idea of following blogs in an RSS feed reader is tempting and your life is spent in Outlook, you might want to consider combining the two.

Outlook has an RSS reader built into it. Take a look – you’ve never noticed “RSS Feeds” down below “Outbox,” have you? In fact, the first thing you saw when Outlook 2007 was started for the first time was a dialog box asking if you’d like to “combine and synchronize the lists of RSS feeds in Outlook and Internet Explorer.” For most people, of course, this is gibberish. […] continued

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htchd2 This week it’s all phones, all the time.

On Tuesday, Microsoft formally presented Windows Mobile 6.5 to the world. It’s a lightly modified version of the Windows Mobile software that’s been usable but uninteresting for years.

It’s still fairly uninteresting. Oh, the screens are more attractive, it’s more responsive, and there’s an apps store that Microsoft promises will be full of fascinating programs, any day now, but the new version of Windows Mobile by itself is not a big step forward. […] continued

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Blogger is a free service for setting up and hosting blogs. It was one of the earliest web-publishing services and it remains very popular. The bruceb news page has been hosted by Blogger since 2001. Blogger is broken in an interesting way – bear with me while I tell you a story to explain why the news page looks different today. […] continued

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There’s an easy way for you to keep up with web sites you visit regularly. If you’re not using some kind of a news reader or feed reader to keep up with blogs, news sites, and other frequently updated web pages, it’s time for you to take a look.

If a page is updated regularly, it almost certainly has an RSS feed. […] continued

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Little did I know that Google would add a new syncing feature right after my article about smartphones on Monday.

Google is now using its implementation of ActiveSync to sync Gmail, Gmail Contacts, and Google Calendar over the air to some smartphones. Here’s the official Google blog entry about the new feature. […] continued

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