Quicktime has been an annoying bit of software for ten years now. My experience tonight was the final straw. I’ve spent the better part of an hour cleaning it off my system and I don’t intend to let it back. What is it with Apple? Every time I feel like giving Apple the benefit of the doubt, swayed by all the hype, I have an experience where I’m reminded that Apple writes crappy, invasive software. […] continued

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The market for notebook computers is growing fast. Notebooks already outsell desktop computers in the US and will outsell desktops globally by next year, according to the New York Times. Here’s a report released yesterday comparing global notebook shipments in the first quarters of 2007 and 2008, showing HP and Dell with hugely increased sales and more than a third of the market between them. […] continued

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The upgraded iPhone has a tremendous list of features! I’m looking forward to the integration with Exchange Server, which ought to let my clients with Small Business Server have a live, over-the-air connection to their contacts, calendar, and inbox. I’ll write more about the new iPhone after I have some experience with it. […] continued

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Within a month or two we’ll have a second-generation iPhone, with higher data speeds through AT&T’s 3G network and built-in support for connections to Microsoft Exchange Server. As always, Apple is being reticent with the details and the launch date but it’s likely to be soon.

Paul Thurrott today spoke an important truth that must not be overlooked. […] continued

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I had a feeling of deja vu when I was talking to a friend about a new computer last week.

093002gatewayboxes3 In the late 1980s and early 90s, I set up dozens of Gateway computers. They were comparatively inexpensive, they were pioneers in the business of custom configurations for mail-order computers, and they shipped everything in way cool cow-spotted boxes. […] continued

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Many of you practice safe computing – you install security updates from Microsoft and other vendors, you run antivirus and adware/spyware programs and keep them current, your email program has a spam filter and blocks .EXE and other potentially dangerous attachments, and you don’t click on strange links in email messages or on web sites. […] continued

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Microsoft has updated its Remote Desktop software for Macs, allowing them to connect to a computer running Windows XP Professional or Vista Business and control the Windows computer just as if sitting in front of it.


Remote Desktop has been so thoroughly optimized on Windows computers that menus pop up and down, windows appear and disappear at virtually full speed, sounds are played, until it’s easy to forget that the computer under control is in a different office (or across the world). […] continued

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A client asked me about an update window that had popped up so I sat down in front of “Apple Updates” and stared at the three programs listed – “updates” to iTunes, QuickTime, and Safari. I’m as burned out as anybody on the unending stream of updates but okay, iTunes and QuickTime might plausibly have updated versions available. […] continued

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Apple announced today that it has licensed ActiveSync technology from Microsoft, allowing the iPhone to sync mail, contacts, and calendars with Exchange Server.  Apple also released a development kit which will result in an explosion of third party applications for the iPhone.

The iPhone is poised to be a compelling choice for businesses, including my clients running Small Business Server. […] continued

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There have been a lot of changes in digital music recently, many of them favorable for consumers.

People are recognizing the value of the MP3 format, free of any licensing restrictions. If you are ripping your CDs, make sure you use the MP3 format at a high enough bit rate to preserve the quality of the music! […] continued

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The iPhone is a sleek, sexy device that permanently changes our expectations for handheld devices. After holding an iPhone, it’s hard to pick up another cell phone and PDA without feeling a bit of a letdown.

The iPhone has a few shortcomings that are not immediately apparent when you look at one for the first time. […] continued

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J River Media Center is the only important program on my computer developed by a small company. J River just released Media Jukebox 12, a simpler free version focused on music that you might want to consider if you’re not already using Media Center.

MJukebox Media Center is the only program I use for music. […] continued

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Monday, December 10 is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of the year.

Can I ask you for a favor?

There are a few links on the bruceb favorites page and the bruceb shopping page that lead to places you might do some shopping – any link to Amazon or Dell, plus Apple, HP, Buy.com, Adobe, Walmart, and TigerDirect. […] continued

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The music industry is in complete disarray; the shift away from CDs is irreversible and most consumers simply expect music to be free. The recording industry’s hostility, arrogance, and litigation tactics have alienated everyone, making it harder for the industry to imagine a business plan that works – especially while it’s controlled by executives who freely admit they don’t understand these new-fangled Internet tubes. […] continued

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Those funny guys at Apple! It’s just a laugh a minute over there.

In Mac OS 10.5 “Leopard,” this is the image used to represent each Windows computer on a network. It’s an old CRT monitor displaying a Blue Screen Of Death, the screen that Windows 98 displays after a hardware failure or catastrophic driver crash forces the computer to shut down unexpectedly. […] continued

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