Happy New Year!


All my best wishes for a prosperous and healthy new year, filled with technology that does wonderful things for you (and, with luck, requires just a bit of assistance from your friendly IT consultant).

I wanted to share a couple of the comments that have come in recently in response to articles I’ve posted here. […] continued “Happy New Year!”

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Get any good presents?


You may be wondering where to start with the shiny new technology that appeared under the tree – after all, there are reportedly 200,000 Android apps and almost 500,000 iPhone apps, of which possibly 14 are worthwhile. How do you find the good ones?

Engadget just put together a nice series of articles with suggestions for the most popular/useful/interesting apps for the mobile devices. […] continued “Get any good presents?”

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Happy Holidays From Bruceb Consulting!


The entire team at Bruceb Consulting would like to wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday! Thank you for your support and your trust in 2010.

I worked harder – and had more fun – this year than ever before, trying to stay on top of the always-changing technology landscape and give you better tools to get your work done. […] continued “Happy Holidays From Bruceb Consulting!”

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Touchdown For Android – Alternate View of Exchange Mail / Calendar / Contacts, Improved Tasks


I’m going to show you an app for Android phones and tablets that is not for everybody – but a few of you will like it quite a lot, and it might give the rest of you something to think about.

The prerequisites:

EXCHANGE It’s increasingly common for small business employees to have an Exchange mailbox, either hosted online by Microsoft Online Services or running at the business on Small Business Server. […] continued “Touchdown For Android – Alternate View of Exchange Mail / Calendar / Contacts, Improved Tasks”

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Dropbox Updated To Version 1.0


Dropbox is high on the list of essential utilities. It has been in an extended testing period but a few days ago the official ultra-stable Version 1.0 was released.

I’ve written about Dropbox frequently. The basic concept is easy: Dropbox is a free program to sync files among each of your computers and mobile devices. […] continued “Dropbox Updated To Version 1.0”

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Microsoft Security Essentials Updated To Version 2


Microsoft has released version 2 of Microsoft Security Essentials, with some nice improvements and new features. It is visually almost unchanged; MSE continues to be almost invisible while it operates, providing all the protection that you need with a minimum of fuss. It continues to be my preferred solution for individuals and very small businesses – the only security program that you need to run on your computer if you also use common sense and follow the rules of safe computing. […] continued “Microsoft Security Essentials Updated To Version 2”

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Outlook People Pane And The Facebook Social Connector


Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s Person Of The Year. Every person on earth has a Facebook page. Most household pets have their own Facebook pages. On average, people in the US spend more time reading Facebook than sleeping. The federal government will spend $740 million next year wiring 1st and 2nd grade classrooms for Facebook. […] continued “Outlook People Pane And The Facebook Social Connector”

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Ten Things To Know About Office 2010


If you’ve gotten a new computer, then you’ve probably been relying heavily on my list of the best new Windows 7 features, chock full of screen shots and background information to help you discover the new features in the taskbar, the joy of snapping windows, and what it means to move around in files and folders by using breadcrumbs. […] continued “Ten Things To Know About Office 2010”

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Big Patch Tuesday

computervirusYour computer will restart on Tuesday night, after getting a particularly large collection of updates for Windows and Office. Close any open programs or files but leave your computers turned on when you leave the office on Tuesday.

It’s Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month, and it’s one of the largest groups of patches that Microsoft has ever delivered. […] continued “Big Patch Tuesday”

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Cross-Posting WordPress Posts To Facebook

This is more of a test post. Facebook has a feature in “Notes” intended to import blog posts into a Facebook stream. It’s terribly broken. My experience matches many other reports – it might work for a while, then stop for no reason, and no amount of convincing will make it believe a blog exists any more. […] continued “Cross-Posting WordPress Posts To Facebook”

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Bruceb Consulting Does Facebook


I’m starting to think this social networking stuff has a future, by gum.

I’m joining the 21st century. Visit the official Bruceb Consulting Facebook page! Push the Like button! At the moment it’s nothing more than recycled articles from Bruceb News and offensive cartoons from my Tumblr page – but with your help we can turn it into something vibrant and alive, a conversation simply throbbing with high tech energy! […] continued “Bruceb Consulting Does Facebook”

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Disappearing Mapped Drives In Windows 7


Here’s a moderately geeky tip about how to fix a nagging problem when a mapped drive disappears during installation of a program from a shared folder on another computer on the network.

Until a small business starts to use a document management system, it almost always stores business files in shared folders that appear on each person’s computer with a mapped drive letter. […] continued “Disappearing Mapped Drives In Windows 7”

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Be Careful Setting Up Your Kindle Account!


Our online purchases and subscriptions and services are associated with accounts linked to an email address. Be careful when you set up accounts and make purchases! These are turning into long-term relationships that need to be right.

A concrete example: buy Kindle ebooks from Amazon using the email address of the person who will read them. […] continued “Be Careful Setting Up Your Kindle Account!”

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Expand The LastPass Toolbar


LastPass is the truly essential utility, a free tool to help you remember the passwords that fill our lives. Personally, I’ve got LastPass keeping track of a couple of hundred memorized passwords; I have all my address and credit card information memorized so LastPass can fill forms automatically; and I refer to LastPass “secure notes” for other kinds of hard-to-memorize information. […] continued “Expand The LastPass Toolbar”

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New Notebooks For The Holidays


Dell has released the Dell Vostro V130, pictured at left, a slightly updated version of the lovable, ultralight Vostro V13. A 13.3” screen, 3 1/2 pounds, vanishingly thin, and priced well under a thousand dollars – I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one. (We have three in my family.) The new model doesn’t have any big changes – an extra USB port, an HDMI port, some new cooling, and a bright red cover in addition to the traditional silver. […] continued “New Notebooks For The Holidays”

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